Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fathers and Sons aka "Boy Camp" and Breckan's Birthday

This year we went to a place called Whitney Pockets for Fathers and Sons. For the last few years my boys have been calling it "Boy Camp." It makes sense, their mom and sister have never gone with us.
No tent camping for us this year. Our awesome neighbors invited us to stay with them in their toy hauler.
Dallin with one of his buddies.
Dallin with more of his buddies.

We went on a tour of the sites on Saturday. We came across this Desert Tortoise. These are the most "valuable citizens" in all of Nevada. I think you get the death penalty if you mess with one. We just let him be.
This is why moms don't attend Fathers and Sons.
The boys love riding around in the desert.
The birthday boy.
It was a pirate themed birthday. We had a pool party, treasure hunt, and of course the piniata (spelling).

Breckan's quote, "Ah, this is the life." He says that when he relaxes in the lounge chair as seen below.


Jennie said...

Happy birthday Breckan! Wow, I still remember when you were pregnant with him:0 Looks like you're all doing so well. We miss you!

Shannon said...

Happy Bday Little B!